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Rain forces England-Scotland encounter to be abandoned

The inaugural match of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in 2024, featuring the reigning champions England and Scotland, was cancelled due to rainfall in Barbados.

Scotland’s decision to bat first proved advantageous as their opening batsmen forged a formidable combination, enabling them to establish a favorable position on the scoreboard despite intermittent weather disruptions. The match commenced with a delay due to a moist area on the playing field that required a significant amount of time to evaporate. From the very beginning, no overs were lost. Scotland scored 51 runs in 6.1 overs before rain arrived and caused a delay of more than two hours.

The changes in player selection after the rain disrupted England’s bowling plans. Due to the match being shortened to 10 overs per side, each bowler was limited to a maximum of two overs. Mark Wood and Jofra Archer, the fast bowlers who presented the most difficult obstacle for Scotland, had already completed their allotted number of overs before the break. Collectively, they relinquished a mere 23 runs during their combined four overs. After the interval, they were unable to bowl. As a result, Buttler had to rely mostly on spin, with Chris Jordan only bowling one over. George Munsey and Michael Joones utilized the techniques of sweeps and reverse sweeps to disrupt their opponents’ trajectory. Adil Rashid gave out 26 runs in the two overs he bowled, while Scotland managed to score a formidable total of 90 runs. However, according to the DLS calculations, the target was revised to 109 runs.

Despite having a strong chance of winning in a game that was shortened due to rain, Scotland’s hopes were ultimately dashed by continuous rainfall, resulting in the points being evenly divided in the Group B match.

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